Hair Stem Cell

Hair Stem Cell
: 2021-10-23 17:05:15
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With the hair stem cell treatment, hair loss is prevented and the hair is provided to be thicker and bushy. Let's explain how hair stem cell therapy is applied. In order to apply hair stem cell therapy, a very small amount of tissue or a small amount of blood can be taken from the patient behind the ear, as well as stem cell serums from the USA, which are now ready.

This small amount of stem cells taken is then replicated in various laboratories and applied to the scalp. As a result of the application, bushy and healthier hair emerges on the revitalized skin. Hair stem cell therapy is a method that is highly recommended and applied to achieve healthy hair.

How is hair restored with stem cell therapy? Stem cells, as we know, are the cells that form the organs and tissues in our body. These cells have the ability to self-renew and divide. For this reason, stem cells are used in many diseases such as bone diseases, cancer treatments and heart diseases.

Due to the self-renewal feature of stem cells, stem cell method can also be used in skin beauty and hair treatment. How can the hair be revitalized and prevented from falling out with the stem cell method? While it helps to revitalize and increase the area where the hair is diluted with the stem cell method, it also prevents hair loss.

Because stem cells are our own living cells and have the effect of rejuvenating the area there by dividing at the point of application. As it is known, our hair is an area that is very suitable for wear and shedding. Our hair is also a factor that represents us and changes the perspective as a first

impression. However, our hair, which is exposed to all kinds of pollution, sheds for various reasons. In particular, hereditary shedding is very high.

In the researches, while 1 out of 3 men has hair loss, this rate is 1 in 10 women. Such high rates have revealed various treatment methods. One of them is to restore hair to health with hair stem cell therapy. Our hair, which has started to lose its health with hair stem cell treatment, regains a bright appearance and increases in rare places. If there is a definite baldness, hair stem cell treatment should be applied together with hair transplantation. Hair stem cell treatment applied together with hair transplantation will lead to a very high success rate.

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