Laser Spot Treatment

Laser Spot Treatment
: 2021-10-23 18:33:02
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So far, many medical and surgical methods have been tried in the treatment of spots. However, laser spot treatment has proven its superiority in the field of aesthetic-cosmetic treatments as the most effective treatment method in terms of both treatment success and not causing any new complications. Spots on the skin are one of the most common cosmetic problems.

The most important reason is the sun. Apart from this, old age, pregnancy, drugs and some creams can cause stains. It is used in skin peeling method and some fading creams in the treatment of blemishes. However, laser treatments give the most effective and quick results.

Today, the most effective and new technology is Lumenis and Fotona Laser VE I Pulse IPL systems. With the American FDA and European CE approved Lumenis and Fotona Laser and I Pulse IPL systems, you can get rid of your skin spots in a short time and easily and have a clear and clear appearance on your skin.


Can I get definitive results in spot treatment?

Results may vary depending on skin type and method applied. The removal rate of stains is around 75-90%. Superficial spots are completely cleaned after treatment.

Which regions have better results?

Laser spot treatment on all body parts gives good results. Sun and age spots that cause cosmetic problems, especially on the hands and face, are treated very successfully.

Can I get rid of sunspots?

Dark-colored sunspots are easier to treat. They can be almost completely erased in a few sessions.

Can pregnancy spots disappear?

Pregnancy spots are one of the hardest spots to treat. Superficial ones respond well to peeling and cream treatments. Lumenis laser systems have been used recently for deep pregnancy spots. The results obtained are quite successful.

Does skin color affect the treatment result?

Yeah. Treatment results are more successful in fair-skinned people. Spot treatment is more difficult in dark-skinned individuals.

How many sessions does the treatment take?

It is very important to what level the spots extend in the layers of the skin. For this reason, superficial spots (such as freckles, age spots, sun spots) are usually treated in 2-3 sessions. However, deeper stains are treated in 3-4 sessions. The average number of sessions is 2-4. Session intervals are 2-4 weeks.

When do I start seeing the results?

Treatment results begin to appear after the first session.

What are the things to be considered during the treatment?

The most important point is protection from the sun. It is mandatory to use high factor sunscreens during the treatment.

What are the advantages of laser spot treatment?

• Possibility of treating stains in a short time

• Patient tolerance is very easy in treatment

• Does not require anesthesia in treatment

• Not restricting social and work life after treatment

• No risk of infection after treatment

Can spots reappear after treatment?

As in all stain treatment methods, in laser stain treatment, the stain may develop again in the same area after treatment. However, the following point is very important: In an area that has been treated with laser spot treatment before, the probability of the spot developing again is lower than in an area that has not been treated with laser.

Which spots can be treated with laser?

• Sunspots

• Stains due to cosmetics (berlock dermatitis)

• Age spots

• Pigmentations

• Freckles (lentigo)

• Deep spots (nevi)

• Cafe au lait spots

- Pregnancy-related spots (Melasma)

Can every laser be used for spot treatment?

Not every laser can be used in the treatment of spots. A laser that can be used in the treatment of spots must contain energy sensitive to melanocytes that provide staining or perform the peeling process that will remove this cell layer that causes staining.

What are the lasers to be used in Spot Treatment?

The group of lasers that are very successful in spot treatment: Lumenis One Lasers, Fotona Laser, I Pulse IPL

Are non-laser methods successful in spot treatment?

Special peeling mixtures, Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion and some pigmentation lightening creams are used on some stains after the stains are evaluated by the specialist doctor. This type of treatment gives results in superficial and new stains and after at least 6-8 sessions of application. However, all

these treatments should be applied under the supervision of a doctor as a result of professional evaluation.

Can I get definite results in spot treatment with Lumenis and Fotona laser?

The result of spot treatments depends on the skin type of the patient and the method applied. Lumenis laser treatments give the most effective and quick results. Even in freckles and superficial lesions, which we call Efelid, even in a single session, Lumenis can be destroyed by laser.

Can I get rid of the spots completely?

Dark spots are easier to treat. In a few sessions, there is a serious lightening of the colors. Another advantage is that the skin is light in color. The more superficial the spots, the better it responds to treatment. While sunspots and age spots respond quickly, pregnancy spots are more resistant. But these spots can be removed with Lumenis Laser in 4-6 sessions.

What are the side effects of the treatment?

After the application, the color of the stain becomes darker and crusting may occur on it. Within 7-10 days, it is seen that the color is lightened in the area where the application is made. Depending on the type of the stain, several sessions may be required.

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