Light Fill

Light Fill
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With light filling, it is now possible to have a much younger look without pain, in just a few sessions.

Unfortunately, over the years, our skin has lost its elasticity due to factors such as stress, gravity and the sun, and sagging and wrinkles occur. Men and women who were fond of their beauty could afford to go under the knife in order to have a younger and more pleasant appearance, even though they knew how painful it used to be. However, in recent years, thanks to the ingenious inventions of the aesthetic world, they have started to use rejuvenation methods without having to suffer these pains.

Light filling, which is a mesotherapy method, is one of them. moreover, this new and trendy application is one of the most preferred method by many famous names, from Angelina Jolie to Ajda Pekkan, as it has the feature of rejuvenating your natural appearance!

So, what's the secret of light filling?

For a new light reflection, the miracle of light filling is actually hidden in the hyaluronic acid found in the human body and living things. With aging, the amount of hyaluronic acid found in the body also decreases. This causes wrinkles and pits on our skin. After the injection of hyaluronic acid, which lasts about 15 minutes and is injected under the skin with a cannula without a needle, swelling and redness do not occur, you can continue your daily life from where you left off.

A new concept between mesotherapy and filling techniques to restore the capacity of reflecting light to the skin. It is an effective and simple application with 3 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart. Visible results from the first injection and cumulative sessions. Special selection of natural ingredients already present in the skin and a special formula based on hyaluronic acid are synergistically delivered to the skin for antioxidant protection of the skin and re-densification of the lower skin.

In which areas can light filling be applied? detention bruises,

Crowbar lines around the eyes,


lip lines,

mouth lines,





What is the purpose of light fill?

The main purpose of light filling is, of course, to have a much younger and smoother skin by correcting fine wrinkles. However, thanks to the active ingredients in it, it also helps your skin look brighter by reflecting the light. In addition, it helps you to have a fuller, moist and lively skin by reducing the bruises under your eyes.

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