Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy
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It is the application of special stem cells and growth factors brought from America to the balding or sparse area after performing special studies in laboratory conditions from the blood we take intravenously in people with hair loss complaints and hair loss.

As a result, while hair loss stops completely, it allows 35% new hair growth! Regenera activa - What is autologous micrograft therapy?

Regenera Activa; It is a new innovative technique for activating capillaries in hair loss treatment for regeneration. Here, a solution is prepared with a special patented stem cell autologous micrograft preparation device using 3 or 4 hairs taken from the person's own hair. One session of application is sufficient.

What are the effects of Regenera Activa on the scalp?

After the Regenera activa treatment, hair loss is greatly reduced, the visibility of the scalp decreases, the hair becomes denser, and new hair formation is observed.

How is Regenera Activa Application?

In men and women, the hair in the nape area below the horizontal line where the tops of the two ears meet is theoretically resistant to androgen hormone, and therefore to androgenetic alopecia. Regenera Activa is an autologous cellular suspension prepared from these resistant hair follicles. The treatment is applied in a single session. Very rarely, at the end of the second year, another session may be required.

Who is Regenera Activa applied to? Is it an alternative to hair transplantation?

Regenera Activa can be applied to anyone who does not have an active infection on the scalp. It is a treatment that can be applied as a support or in combination with hair transplantation. will significantly increase the results.


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