Profhilo 5 Point Technique

Profhilo 5 Point Technique
: 2021-10-23 17:09:58
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Profhilo 5 point technique Mechanism of Action

It activates the intracellular channels of fibroblast skin cells and fat cells under the skin and skin, increasing and making them active.

Profhilo 5 point technique Intended Use

Tightening of the tissues provides an increase in skin thickness and quality (face, neck, hand and body) When applied to 5 bioesthetic points specific to the face area, these points are as follows:

Our special head point is our protrusion point on the cheekbone.

The 2nd special base point is our nasal base point in the malar submas region.

3. special head point in front of the tragus region of our ear

Our 4th special point is our special point between the tip of the chin and the corner of the lip. Our 5th special point is the corner of our chin, which we call the mandibular corner.

Profhilo injections applied to these points in the face area will increase skin quality, tighten the skin by reducing skin laxity, and reduce fine wrinkles on the face and especially on the cheeks with a lifting effect and will provide a lightening effect in the accordion appearance.

When applied to 10 special points between the Sternocleidomastoid SCM muscle (neck muscle), trachea (windpipe), hyoid bone, laryngeal protrusion, i.e. Adam's apple, thyroid cartilage and sternal prominence in the neck region, reducing neck wrinkles, removing looseness in the neck, tightening the neck, provides neck skin and jowl lift.

When applied to special head points in the hand area, it is obtained as a result of removing the laxity of the hand skin, tightening the skin of the hand, reducing the wrinkles in the hand and correcting the vascular and bony appearance of the hand.

How to use the Profhilo 5 point technique?

It is recommended to apply 2 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks, there is no pain, pain, bleeding, bruising during the procedure, it is returned to daily life at the same time.

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