Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes
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As the person ages, a certain amount of hair becomes shorter and thinner. Whether there is an androgenetic predisposition or not, this process that develops only due to age is called Miniaturization. At the end of this process, the miniaturized hair falls out. The number of hair follicles decreases.


Androgenetic hair loss has a certain genetic code in the person. It can be passed on from parents. It is inherited as OD. That is, the responsible genes can come from both the mother and the father.

This genetic code can be effective in both boys and girls in the future. However!

Hair loss may not occur in everyone carrying these genes, because if there is a gene, the body must identify it, and these are triggered by age, stress, and hormone levels. If it is not triggered, there will be no spillage.

5 Alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT. This acts by binding to the androgen rech in the hair follicles. It causes hair loss.


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